Guest Artists

We have several guest artists whose work we exhibit, not necessarily all at once. They are all well established in their practice and we detail brief biographies of each. More details are available on request.

Rikki o`Neill from Dundee is an illustrator by profession and self taught artist as well as being an internationally awarded photographer, until recently chairman of the Royal Photographic Society Visual Art Fellowship awards. He exhibits, lectures and judges widely and  his quirky illustrations are created from many photographs. He also paints and recently decorated one of the penguins for the Maggie Centre project. His work is on art paper, both framed, unframed and as cards. We try always to have some of Rikki`s work in stock.He decorated an Oor Wullie for the 2019 project, but it was on display in Aberdeen rather than Dundee. Rikki has just won the Wraptious competition for 2023 which will see selected images appearing nationwide on merchandise.During his working career, Rikki worked for Valentines Cards and DC Thomson, both well known Dundee institutions, doing cartoons for the Sunday Post for many years. He is currently working on the Fife Coastal Scottie Dog project, to be launched Sept 2023


Aine Scannell from Dunfermline is a printmaker of vast experience whose work is in many collections, having exhibited world wide. She is a BA Hons.Fine Art, MA Printmaking and MFA European. She is a figurative artist, creating artwork concerned with the nature of human relations, her work ranges from miniature prints and books through to very large sizes. Much of her work is monoprints. We carry a small range of her work.

Vivienne Sillar is a Ceramic Artist, studied at Grays School of Art Aberdeen 1976 -1980, then worked in a variety of Galleries and from 2000 taught ceramics and art and design theory at Chesterfield College. She now works full time as an artist, spending part of her time on the Isle of Arran where much inspiration comes for her work. The clay sculptures are burnished then smoked outside with a mixture of sawdust, seaweed, and other leaves to give the unique texture and feel. The fluid streamlined shapes of sea creatures and birds are a gift for an artist and from childhood she has been drawn to seals and seabirds, all seen from walking along the beach on Arran.

Christine Goodman from near Perth is a painter and printmaker, graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee with BA Hons and Masters in Fine Art. She has exhibited widely in UK as well as Brazil, Sweden and Lithuania

She currently works part time as an artist in Centre for Brain Injury, Dundee, facilitating creative process for patient rehabilitation. She also run creative workshops for Art in Hospital at St Andrews Community Hospital, Fife.

Her current work concerns juxtapositions of visual elements through combining monochrome and muted colour to produce individual series of prints. These can subtly influence a space they inhabit through imbuing stillness, sensual lightness and shadow.

Kirstie Behrens from Pittenweem  practices at Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio, specialising in etching, mainly trees and landscape, well known for her panoramic style. She has exhibited widely, RSA, RGI and many more. Her family are all artists and she is a new, emerging young talent to watch as she progresses.She  graduated in 2019 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Fine Art. Her tall blue etchings of trees and mountains are much admired.

Evelyn White from Stanley, near Perth is an artist and printmaker at Wasps Creative Exchange Studios, Perth working in screenprint, collage, etching/drypoint and monoprints. She  paints using water based medium and often her work is mixed media with collage. She is known for her vibrant use of colour. She is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and a member of Scottish Society of Artists and Visual Arts Scotland.

Richard White, Evelyn`s husband is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, taught art and also paints. Many of his prints are collagraphs and his distinctive style makes use of dark colours involving carborundum. He has exhibited widely.

Anne Russell, from near Dundee says sky, light and weather are her inspiration.Born and brought up in Orkney she graduated BA(Hons) Fine Art Drawing and Painting from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen in 1986. In the 1980`s she received several young printmaker awards, from RA and CCA Galleries. She is a member of SSA and now works out of the DCA Print Studio where she worked at one stage of her career. Her work is widely shown in galleries and open submission exhibitions.We also have a selection of her greeting cards.

Anne Skinner, RSW is a Dundee based artist, a Drawing and Painting graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. She worked as a lecturer in the Fine Art department of Dundee College for 27 years, teaching a wide variety of art and design while continuing her practice as a visual artist. She has exhibited in major open exhibitions, RSW, RSA, VAS and RGI where she achieved the Langside College award.Anne`s work is concerned with the fragments of memories and images which remain in our minds, long after the experience has passed. She aims to evoke a sense of time or place through her practice and develops her ideas from observation and interprets them using a variety of methods and disciplines. She was admitted to the RSW in 2022

Keryn Evely from Auchterarder initially studied at Edinburgh University followed by teacher training and taught in primary school. At this time, an interest in jewellery making was pursued, initially through evening classes then as a full time student at Glasgow School of Art. Specialising in vitreous enamel on precious metals this became her career for the next decade then was combined with teaching for the Dyslexia Institute in Glasgow, then Perth and Dundee. A house move and lack of space meant the jewellery ceased and she tried a variety of printmaking courses at DCA and elsewhere. Now retired from teaching, an interest in Linocut and other techniques are being developed.

Malcolm Thomson trained as a photographer on leaving school, apprenticed to a commercial studio, learning all aspects of commercial photography. For many years he worked with Viking Studios in Dundee then ran a small process lab, ending up at Wasps Studio where he practised as a photographer, exhibiting widely. For many years he taught traditional photography at DCA as well as school workshops. Alas, Malcolm was  restricted by declining health but still used single use film camera and a compact digital camera. Sadly he died at the end of October 2019 but we featured a retrospective exhibition of his work in summer 2022 and a book is available.. We still have access to much of Malcolm`s work.


Allan Beveridge who sadly died early in 2017 came from Tayport, initially worked in printing and bookselling then graduated in Drawing and Painting in 1977 from Duncan of Jordanston College, Dundee, gaining a post grad Diploma in 1978. He was an art teacher for many years and was associated with Dundee Print Studio as a technician and etching tutor for many years, seeing the Print Studio evolve from the Seagate Gallery into DCA. His work is in many collections, including the McManus Galleries, Dundee and much of his work is still on sale. We carry several pieces of his etching work.

Brian Ballantine practised for 40 years as an architect in Dundee area after graduating at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Architecture, he was always interested in drawing and after retiral attended evening classes at Duncan of Jordanstone to develop drawing skills often working with graphite and watercolours. He then attended etching courses at Dundee Contemporary Arts and got hooked, much of his work being drypoint etching. His inspiration comes from outdoors, from nature and the sea, often featuring boats.

Dawson Murray, RSW, is a distinguished printmaker studying at Glasgow School of Art 1961 - 1966. He then studied in Venice and Sicily and on return spent 35 years in art education. He now has 50 years experience in etching and is an associate of the Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers. He has exhibited widely in many prestigious exhibitions and we are pleased to have his work on show. Dawson sadly  died in December 2022, having bravely fought MS for many years. Latterly he had an arts graduate carer who would create Dawsons prints under his exacting instructions. He was also involved in trialling eye control in art with Rob Jackson who is now based at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.

Libby Scott is a Highland Perthshire artist capturing the drama of the remote Scottish landscape. She is drawn to the relationship between the weather and the land, expressing her feeling in connection with the energy, the environment and drama of the atmosphere. She is drawn to open panoramic vistas where the drama of approaching weather is played out. Her work starts on location, sketching and painting directly from the scene.

Libby graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2001 in Ceramics then had several jobs, but it was while working in Perthshire as an offroad driving instructor that she started to sketch during breaks and from there developed into a full time career.

Liz Myhill, RSW is a Scottish artist whose observational works span a wide subject matter. Walking, watching and recording, fleeting or lengthy study allow her to gain a connection and a sense of place, her field works being developed into painting or printmaking.

Liz has a deep rooted connection to the Isle of Skye and the islands and wild places fascinate and provide a wealth of inspiration. Liz has also made expeditions further afield, India, Cuba, Central and South America and USA. Her work is regularly hung at RSA, RGI of Fine Arts and RSS of Painters and Watercolour, where she is a professional member. She has received many awards, RSW Windsor & Newton award, RGI David Cargill award, Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Grant and SWLA John Busby Seabird Drawing Course Award.

Lauren Swan from Dundee, a recent graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art is a ceramicist as well as an illustrator. We try to have a small range of Lauren`s work, in particular her fantastic ceramic whales.

Ross Ormerod from Perth is a skilled leatherworker, we carry a range of his leather finished pewter hip flasks, and dog paw keyrings as well as leather desk tidy trays. Ross is also a skilled sporran maker and we can refer enquiries to him. Along with his wife Louise, they also offer an extensive printing service, photographs, posters, artwork, labels and much more. They can offer an online service, we can refer queries to them.

Paul Fieldsend, from near Milnathort started printmaking in 2016, taking several courses. His current practice focuses on the Toyobo polymer etching and photo plate lithography processes which offer great flexibility in creating work, both representational and abstract. His inspiration is the natural world, leaves, grasses and flowers, both living and in states of decay. Source material comes from garden or countryside. The prints emerge from initial photographs, editing images, observing detail and seeing how the use of different processes, inks and papers can change the result. Paul is an active member of Edinburgh Printmakers and is a board trustee and a member of the SSA

Sarah-Louise Wilson from Perthshire works with various media, etching, screenprinting, photography and is trying other techniques. She works with community groups, art being a therapy. In particular she works with a group of people in recovery from strokes in Crieff area. She was recently involved in a major stained glass project at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Dorothy (Dot) Beveridge from Tayport works with felt, creating beautifully detailed beetles, mice and rabbits, as well as ceramic pendants. She has also produced screenprints. She can do commissions of felt animals.

Sabrin Miller from Perthshire is a figurative artist, her main interest lies in animals and wildlife seen during daily walks. She creates monochrome oil paintings in black or brown using a reductive technique involving removing paint from the surface of the canvas giving a more dramatic yet sensitive portrayal of the animal. She graduated in 2010, having studied fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. Her work started with greyhounds then featured horses and donkeys and now varying wildlife such as squirrels and deer.

Hazel McLeod, BA (Hons) MA from Newburgh, Fife graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, specialising in drawing, painting and ceramics. She specialises in landscapes often of the River Tay area and her local Fife areas.

Linda Kosciewicz, recently moved to Angus graduated in Drawing and Painting, DA from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee and MA in Conservation of Fine Art (Painting) from Northumbria University. She is a member of the Society of Scottish Artists and is a member of Glasgow Printmakers Studio and Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop.She has exhibited widely and has many awards and residencies with her work in several collections, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh Collection, Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow. She currently works with polymer photogravure and collage, drawing plus digital drawing, mixed media and photography. Recently she has been working on images arising from her response to the Ukraine war, some featuring maps of Ukraine.

Alison Price from Perth is a visual artist working out of her studio at Perth Creative Exchange. She is a Graduate in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee. Her drawings and paintings begin with being in the landscape. Working on location, quickly responding to sights and sounds to capture the essence of a place then prompted by sketches and found objects, her work is developed in the studio. She is interested in using expressive mark-making to communicate the feeling and atmosphere of being in that place. In addition to her own practice, she enables others to discover their creativity by facilitating workshops in Care Homes, Hospitals and in the community.