Newport Festival

This event will be on Sat 22nd June and we will be open that day on a pop up basis with art by Sheila and Alan, also some digital works by Rikki o Neill and a special show by Aileen of Ayton Clothing. She is a Wasp tenant and screenprints fabrics creating clothes. She also makes the tidies we found sold so well last year

There will be other fun events on the go in Newport, hopefully it may even be dry and sunny by then!

Smoked Ceramic Artwork

We always carry some of these unique works by Vivienne Sillars who is inspired by wildlife from the Isle of Arran where she has a cottage.

She will be talking and demonstrating her work on Sky Arts, as guest on Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir who always have an interesting arts programme. It is scheduled for !5th May at 9pm but best check nearer then, it has already been changed once.

Although we are closed just now, we can do click and collect via our website, best email first in case we are not around. Our website is up to date.

No 13 Press

Sheila also runs via the Gallery a self publishing venture, producing a small range of handmade books and zines as well as low edition printed books. Once we reopen we plan to display some artist books and zines for sale. These will all be limited editions and many are handmade.

Online Sales

We are back home again and will be at gallery from time to time doing decoration and other jobs as well as organising an archive of art photography, so we can do mail order or click and collect orders. The website should be up to date regarding gifts and Sheila`s artwork 

We will be unable to process online orders 9th to 19th May but can be in email contact, working on a project so out and about.

Temporary Closure

Please note the Gallery is now closed for some time out then some much needed refurbishment as well as the Tay Bridge roadworks which impacts footfall.

We hope to reopen later in the Summer with a fresh exhibition. Please follow this blog and social media ( under printspace dundee)

We are able to expedite online orders again, please allow a few days as we will not be in gallery on a regular basis

Definition of a Print

Many of our artists are printmakers, their work is all their own " by the hand of the artist". Editions are hand pulled and low, many just do monoprints ie 1 of 1. They are all inked up, a long process when there are several colours, then run through the process be it etching, screenprint, relief print, lithography and several processes.

There are now a proliferation of outlets selling "original prints" These are reproductions, done photographically usually by ink jet, or giclee as often referred to. They tend to be in large or open editions, often in poor quality frames and bear no relationship to true printmaking. Most reputable galleries do not handle these, 

We do stock digital art, this is different again, being created in computer from many elements, almost a collage. They are produced in low numbers.

We are happy to explain the various processes to any callers